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blue velvet battle – poll

She wore bluuuee velvet… or possibly blue satin. Your call. Let’s decide the materials of her outfit so I can take her out someplace nice. Or at least someplace curious. Here is a link to the previous poll from the Wonderland Project, just in case you missed it…

  • Question of

    which velvet dress is better?

    • light blue
    • deep blue
  • Question of

    which satin dress is better?

    • light
    • dark
  • Question of

    best light look

    • velvet
    • cotton
  • Question of

    which of these two is better?

    • velvet
    • satin


What do you think?

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  1. Blue velvet… wow that is a blast from the past. My Dad used to play guitar in a band. I remember a lot of the old songs form his friends getting together. This took me back to a good time.
    Love the blue velvet dress.


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