Why have emergency weather tech?

I grew up in Chicago and then southern Indiana. In southern Indiana, you watch thunderstorms because of the hot and cold air meeting often swirls. Swirling air is the environment in which tornados flourish. Knowing what a storm was going to do is critical. The fact that my father was before I am one of the reasons why I am a weather gadget geek. I know there are many instances where I am the only one in a room, at a party, or at work that has the weather gadgets. I get that. Weather isn’t one of those things that people care about. Well, they do but on a different level. They care if the weather impacts them, changes their plans or makes them do things differently than expected. Many people adapt to the weather and don’t even think it. Cold outside, fill the bird feeder!

That said I am not a storm chaser. I was watching a little of that on the weather channel the other day. The people that have specially built vehicles with incredible weather tech outfitted to chase the heart of a storm are impressive, but that is not something I will ever be a part of.  That said, many people today have smartphones, there are some applications you can download that are just a couple of dollars that will put you ahead when it comes to weather.

  • If you are in the EU, the EU has a wonderful weather radar application that works very well. eWeather, Weathercube, Weather and Radar and many others do a good of presenting live reader feeds of weather
  • WeatherBug is a great US tool (they may have non-US weather stations) that allows you to see the weather shared locally. Often a school or the television station broadcast the weather. You can often find something in your backyard.
  • NetATMO has a home station you can install but you can also just their app to see local weather.
  • Bloomsky – fun app, same NetATMO there is a weather station, but you can also use the app to see local weather

Most of these applications offer weather radar. Now, I hear the fear. I don’t know how to read weather radar. The fun thing about using weather radar systems on your smartphone is that they are also smart applications. Interested in lightning strikes? Or volume of lighting you simply select that filter from the application, and you see lightning strikes. Same for rain or snows, simply switch the view. Weather alerts are great, critical and I highly recommend you have an emergency weather radio in your house. The Oregon Scientific weather radio is a great radio for starters.

The reality of climate change is the severity of the weather. Weather professionals talk about a century and five hundred year storms. In the last ice age, roughly 10,000 years ago, the Anantara cores that have been lifted show that they had throughout the 1000 years of the last ice age 28 100 year storms. In the resulting 10,000 years, there have only been 100 of those storms a million or 1 a century. We have had 23 100 year storms in the past 30 years. In other words, the worst weather the world has ever seen before humans and our grand ability to change the climate was significantly less extreme than the weather we have today.

  • Did you know that no reputable scientist doesn’t fully support Climate Change?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Did you know that the weather we have today is WORSE than during the last ICE AGE?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Did you know that the Oceans are warming much faster than originally projected?

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