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Why Elizabeth hoad Model Girl decide to marry a pet dog?

After hundreds of unsuccessful meetings with men, the ex-female model decided to marry her pet dog. Former female model Elizabeth hoad says, she decided to marry her pet dog after 220 unsuccessful meetings with men.

Elizabeth says , In 8 years, she has held 220 unsuccessful meetings with men at 6 places, which is a tragedy. The 49-year-old former model also has relationships with renowned golfer Savvy Ballesteros and renowned racing driver James Hunt in the ’80s.

Elizabeth hoad has also contacted the Catholic Church to marry her 6-year-old dog Logan. The former Model Girl says she will marry a dog in front of 20 other people. She will wear ring itself on the wedding, while Logan Weiss (dog) will be wearing a coat, tie and top hat.

  • Does catholic religion allow such marriage?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What message she want to give to the world ?

    • Yes
    • No

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  1. The Catholic religion would never permit it. If she wanted to do it as a joke marriage, that’s fine in the right setting. She is protesting all her bad dates; but to try to do it in a religious setting is just wrong.

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