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why can't you read my mind?

I need to explain my intentions and wishes more clearly, as I have been confusing too many of you lately. After reading the Radha post again, I see that I didn’t call out that it was only a wardrobe test. For this poll, all I want to know is how you like the overall look and feel, but the pose will change and the background might as well

  • which color scheme do you prefer?

    • raw
    • vignette
    • vivid
    • grungetastic

What do you think?

10 points


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  1. Well, I commented that in the previous article so here I will comment her wardrobe, heheheh ;D
    I love her look and her style, especially the colored vase and the red detail in the back (like I already said…)…! : D Although wardrobe could maybe be a little better…
    I’m also not sure which one to pick… Actually not quite sure what you ask… :/| The overall impression is great but if you ask about details – the color and similar, I’m not sure which one to choose.
    The poll looks much better when the photos are arranged this way – looking better when smaller… : )

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