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White Tiger

I love going on a safari every time I am near a forest region. I always get to see lions and tigers, but it is not often that I get to see the albino tiger or the white tiger.

The white tiger or bleached tiger or the Albino tiger as they are often called vary in pigment from its cousin the Bengal tigers. They have the regular markings of the orange tiger, but their coat lacks the rich golden orange of the Bengal tigers.

These white tigers are said to be in the wild, but I have never seen one in the wild. I have seen a few of these Albinos in protected jungle areas.

The white tigers are said to be bigger than the orange tigers right from birth. In the natural the birth of an albino happens 1/1000 births.

I love animals in general but these magnificent creatures have my total admiration

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  1. White tigers are one of my most favorite cats. I love the blue eyes. I have even painted one before. I would love to go on a safari if I ever got the chance. I live in San Diego and we have a zoo here that has some. Bengals are the prettiest of all the tigers. 😉

  2. Auckland used to have a “Lion Park” in Taupaki a long time ago. I would call that a type of “Zoo”. That has all finished long ago, but I went there. The Auckland Zoo is building a better place for the larger cats.
    I have never been on an actual safari

  3. I’ve seen Siberian tigers in a zoo/safari. It was exciting but kinda sad at the same time, because the animals weren’t in their natural environment.
    At least they had plenty of space where to run, better than cages. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful impressive animal those tigers, whether they be orange or white. We have Parc Safari here in North America but unfortunately I never went there as of yet. One day I will go… I know they have lions, tigers, giraffes, elelphants etc running free on a very wide expanse but you can only go in one of the park’s car as some animals might just cause damage to your own car. But as much as I love African and/or India’s animals, I also like our very own wildlife which is made up of deers, bears (either brown or black), racoons etc. Nonetheless, India’s tigers are magnificent animals which deserve to be protected.

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