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White Death is a gruesome name for an innocent-seeming substance which was found in оur vеrу fіrst fооd, mоthеr’s mіlk, which was wаrm аnd swееt, аnd wе’vе fоrmеd аn еmоtіоnаl bоnd wіth thіs tаstе, which is sugar! Sо, simply аvоіdіng swееts іs nоt thе аnswеr! Вut аs уоu knоw, rеfіnеd whіtе sugаr оr соrn sуruр іs literally роіsоn because they directly feed bad yeasts, by raising acid levels аnd еvеn nаturаl swееtеnеrs lіkе аgаvе аnd hоnеу fееd уеаst that mаkе уоur bоdу mоrе асіdіс.

 All of the above poses the question, are you really “addicted” to it or not?

It makes you feel good and unfortunately, all addictions do that. Sugar comes with cravings that seem impossible to kick and it’s everywhere as does any other dependency.

But let’s take a look if sugar has done anything good for you lately?

You may have heard that refined sugar is also called “white death”, and for good reason. Sugar has been linked to a number of critical health issues that are directly caused by your body’s reaction to it.

 When doctors say “White Death”, they mean death in its literal gruesome sense!

 Researchers from the UK discovered back in 2017 that eating a high-sugar diet actually shortens a life span, even after the patient’s diet had changed and had drastically improved! So, eating too much sugar for too long trigger’s longterm reprogramming of your gene expression or cell memory, in short, it can still kill you.

Scientists saw in our Western diet that sugar overload is linked to cancer. And it does so by triggering inflammation, (raising acid levels) inside already existing cancer cells, sugar was also shown to directly increase the risk of breast cancer tumors and metastasis as far back as in 2016.

It seems as though the most appropriate name for refined sugar is “White Death”.

If you, like so many normal people, want to preserve your health and possibly even extend your life somewhat, getting off sugar is the one key factor to start with.

It’s not so easy to do however since sugar is considered to be more addictive than cocaine. Once the sugar has claimed its territory in your body, it will kickback by responding with uncontrollable cravings.

Fortunately, a simple way exists to beat these cravings and protect your body from the dangers of refined sugar, you feed it probiotics instead at the gut-level. When you strengthen your gut health with good bacteria it helps kill sugar cravings and also boosts your energy level.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, a natural sugar substitute can give your body the sweet taste that it craves, while at the same time the liquid probiotic does the cleanup. It really works, what can you lose by trying? Here, to help you get started is a real gift for you, 

no strings attached simply enjoy it!

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