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As promised, I’ll be sharing legit offers with writers periodically!

Times are tuff, you don’t need me to remind you, and as such, if you can get high-quality beauty products for giving your honest opinion, and get to keep all your testers, where is the crime?

This offer is for the ladies specifically on Virily.

NO, I’m not getting a kick-back, (some writers always ask.)

If at any time I do get a stipend/reward, I will say so in advance. In any case, If I’m rewarded for introducing someone to a free-useful object, where is the crime, (it is the way of the world).

Having said that, we have probably all experienced sites who promise the world but leave you high and dry. Well, while I can never guarantee the outcome of a third party, you can rest assured, that at the time of publication, the offers were legit and tried by me or by someone close to me.

While offers are usually for US citizens only, the ones I mention here are for global distribution.

These tester offers are for ladies specifically!


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