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Nostalgia for Venice

I would like to live in Venice for half a year, in an old abandoned palace, in late fall or winter, when it is literally drowned in the water and in the thick fog. Good rubber boots, durable yet elegant, should be purchased, which will allow you to run through the flooded streets without freezing your feet.

I’d like to live there for a while and read those books – talk to the good-hearted Venetians about the past, learn the secrets of them and the city, and write a real book out of it. And if someone asked me “madame, what is your hobby?”, I would say: I’m a collector – I collect people, their faces and their stories. Curiously, it is true that desire released into the universe through the new moon always comes true?

And yes, I’m banal and not even young but happy. And I really like to remember the past. Not even one that I have not experienced myself.

I wish you a nostalgic Wednesday with beautiful memories.

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