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What was Bill Gates' father do?

The general impression of the world’s richest people is that they are born with a spoon of gold in their mouths and economic and social support helps them to become great people.But it does not have to be the case for every rich person, that many people in the world have gone on to work and earn their reputation.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is also among those whose father was a poor man, which is described by the world’s richest person. 

Bill Gates’ image of his daughter  in a restaurant going viral on social media and being told, after eating, Bill Gates’ daughter gave the waiter $ 500 tip while Bill Gates only tip $ 5. When the waiter asked why the richest man in the world gave such a low tip, Bill Gates said/

That her daughter gave her $ 500 tip because she is the daughter of a billionaire father and I gave the $ 5 tip because my dad was a carpenter.

Be clear,  The richest man in the world right now is Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, whose assets are worth $ 10 billion, while Bill Gates is worth $ 8 billion.

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