We Have All The Time In The World

THE CASE FOR LOCKDOWN! Mark Zuckerberg, a senior member of the U.E.T.C. club, (universal expert on everything through possession of a cash stockpile), is blaming the leadership of America, in particular, President Donald J Trump of being a fatally flawed administrator for allowing hardworking, honest American Dads and Moms to return to work to put food back on tables again.

Zuckerberg is saying this on the back of The silent, but exceedingly more deadly VIRUS, than this COVID 19 flu.

What pales, by comparison, is the STARVATION pandemic THAT ONE KILLS 100% OF ALL ITS VICTIMS!!!! Is anyone measuring the deaths from starvation as a DIRECT result of quarantine/lockdown and job and income loss? Probably several million globally, is that not the whole idea behind this global fiasco,  depopulation? I think Billy Gates once said something like that?

There are 7,8 billion people in the world, the total deaths by COVID 19 is, 0.0075% (641025641)To simplify, If you had Tuberculoses, there is a 51% greater possibility of dying from the disease as opposed to COVID 19, where you have only a 6% chance of dying from it.This Chinese flu, craziness needs to penetrate, previously rational, thinking, normal brains, so, sometime soon, so we can all return to the good and wholesome, God trusting lives we were born for and into, leaving behind us a generation of dauntless children of the light. We will have failed them entirely, should we leave them as a cowering bunch of mindless zombies or robots. 


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  1. you have three different arguments in your post –

    1. COVID-19 is not a particularly good disease. Anything that spreads as fast as that one does mortality doesn’t matter. We don’t know the 2-4 and 10-year impact on survivors so anything, either way, is speculation now.
    2. I am not sure that Mark Zuckerberg’s personal opinions are relevant. But he is fully allowed to have an opinion of the abilities of and job performance of the president. It does not require universal knowledge to know if you think the president is doing a good or bad job. He is elected by all of us.
    3. Covid-19 shows that we opened pandora’s box and don’t know how to close it.

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