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What is The Dude Doing?

Snapped this photo a few minutes ago of The Dude. Care to guess what he is doing?

Brendel was asleep on the sofa. And the Dude was too but something got his attention.

She is older than he is and sleeps through most everything. 

What was your first thought when you saw this photo? Feel free to share in comments.

Photo ยฉCarolDM2020

  • Any idea what The Dude is doing?

    • Watching Brendel sleep
    • Hiding from the noisy vacuum
    • Bird watching
    • Watching the black cat that visits often
    • None of these


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Written by Carol DM


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    • Yes he has great views from all the windows. Yesterday, a dove came right up to the window and he was talking to him and wagging his tail, it was so fun to watch. I will have to write about the black cat. Looks just like the Dude, except he gets in the bird feeder!

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