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What is happiness?

People accept happiness differently. For some, it is fortunate to be healthy, for others to travel in space and for others to have a lot of money. In my opinion, happiness is most true when it comes from a goal attained, and the greater the goal, the deeper the happiness. From personal experience I know that an excellent evaluation, a good act, or a successful day can make us happy and leave a pleasant feeling in our soul for a long time. However, this does not mean that a person’s entire life is happy. There is no recipe for happiness. The most difficult task for each of us is to create an idea of happiness and to find the path that will lead to it. Ready it does not work, it must be conquered and won … When we have reached the level in this gray and difficult daily routine to consciously strive for a certain goal and to achieve it, to pursue it, then one can feel happy. Happiness is like music, like bread and water, like smile and compassion. We can’t do without it, we need it, but we have to deserve it !!!

 Eleanor Tsvetanov

I liked this essay on the definition of what happiness is. The picture is mine and was taken in the Arga River, Pamplona in Spain.

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  1. I agree that happiness is to have a goal and cherish it in your soul and then implement it. Happiness is also to love and to be loved in return. So many other things necessary to make people happy, it depends on a person… Being alive and healthy is the background for happiness but usually is not enough, as I can see from many examples…

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