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What is Growth to you?

I was watching a variety show that is comedy in nature but still teaches values. and one of the host actually said something which made me think. He said, “growth is not just experiencing things, but accepting and overcoming what we ‘dislike’ and experienced.”

My interpretation of this is that growth is not just experiencing something – we can experience something we dislike or can’t accept and then avoid it – that is not growth. We can easily avoid everything we can’t handle or dislike – I don’t like socialising, I avoid all social events; I am afraid of water, I don’t go near any water bodies.

Growth is facing it, accepting it and overcoming it (if possible). If I’m afraid of water, I analyse why and work my way to be able to at least get into the water or stay afloat. this is growth.

Do you agree with what he say?

  • Do you agree with the host?

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  • Which way do you want your child to learn?

    • avoiding
    • overcoming

What do you think?

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    • I have the same thought! It’s a perspective I don’t usually hear or see…
      People just usually tell you to go experience life and that makes one better… but they often miss out the part that learning, accepting and overcoming is the real growth that makes people better

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