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Recently I attended a seminar that dealt with character and temperament, the two components of your personality.  In the presentation, we learned that temperament is based more on your biology.  This definition may be helpful.

“temperament broadly refers to consistent individual differences in behavior that are biologically based and are relatively independent of learning, a system of values and attitudes. Some researchers point to the association of temperament with formal dynamical features of behavior, such as energetic aspects, plasticity, sensitivity to specific reinforcers and emotionality.”

So if you are exploring a way to improve your personality, it would make sense that you focus on character as it is the one that is most pliable and you have the greatest chance of success. Many people like to be on a continual growth path and try to make adjustments and improvements often.  This category of people seem to be happier and more successful. They adapt to change easier. 

Please take a moment and share in the comments the one thing from the list above that “YOU” believe would have the biggest impact. Thanks in advance for your participation.


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