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We know everything about the squirrel

Have you ever happened to fall in front of you like a hazel or acorn in a forest? If you hear the noise above, you raise your head. There, standing in the middle of the branches, stands a dark brown animal with white chest and a long, fluffy tail. Stand and suddenly a jump disappears among the clones. It’s a squirrel.

You have probably read about this beautiful forest occupant. But there are also things in his life that are probably strangers to you. Here are some of them.

The squirrel makes jumps of four to five meters when jumping from one tree to another. Its long tail serves as a rudder, which determines the direction of the jump. If he jumps to the ground, the tail is a real parachute.

Her teeth are adapted to be worn. The hard fruit is broken by the strong incisors and then crushed by the densely placed molars. And here a detail. Scientists have found that under pressure the edges of her teeth develop a pressure of … 1545 pounds per square centimeter! It is precisely why, for “unknown” reasons, the metal phone cords are torn apart by special pliers. The squirrel, however, has no dog teeth. The digestive system is extensively extended for better digestion of plant food. The length of her intestine is about ten times that of her. But sometimes the squirrel also eats small birds in their nests.

When the winter approaches, the squirrel seeks a hole to experience the cold. Often, she uses abandoned bird nests in which they also survive two or three squirrels. Occasionally, it is even drowned in the large, above-ground forest ants, because then the ants moved to the underground galleries of the nest.

Small squirrels are grown only by the mother. Even before they were born, the father is driven out of the hollow – he does not even care for his children.


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