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We only have this moment

To save the world, little is enough – just be a good person. As much as you can at that moment. To someone who is next to you at that moment. To yourself… When you choose the path of the heart, there are no other options. Do the best you can. No less and no more…

Tomorrow your actions today may seem insufficient. But it will be tomorrow. It’s not worth looking back and judging yourself for what was already there.The truth is, you couldn’t have done better. Maybe at that time, you did not understand, did not know, did not feel, did not notice, was tired, hurt?… So you did what you did. You said what you said. You were the way you were …

When you choose the right path, there are no questions left. You are in the moment and react as it fits into the moment. Then everything is right. For a moment. For you. For someone who is with you. There are no other options. All “maybe”, “later” – an illusion and different “No” faces.

Tomorrow will bring its choices. You only have this moment, which is all your…

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