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Silhouette Saturday – Live life with passion!

Learn to be here and now is not difficult. Everything we do at the moment needs to be done slowly and attentively like it was an occupation around which revolves the whole world – without rushing to the future, without thinking what we will be doing tomorrow or what we did not do today.

We should try to always concentrate on what we are doing, rather than what we still need to do or what we’ve done.

If the kids want to play with you, turn down the TV, put off your work and live the moments with them; if you listen to the music, let it flow through you. Do not rush and do not run anywhere, do not wait for a better future, use the present fully, because it is the only real-time.

Pursue your goals now, do not postpone for the better times. And when you are going towards your goals, enjoy every step that you are making to the progress, even if, at first glance, it does not look like a joy object. Learn with passion, work with passion, create with passion. Live life with passion!

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