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We know nothing about others

We do not know anything about other person what he does not say or express himself. Everything else is just assumptions and guesses, imaginations of what if it were. Scenarios, manipulations of why he did it so or otherwise.

And it is all transmitted through us, through our worldview, our values, our stories, our experiences and our fears. Not through that person. Through ours. If we like herring, we can’t imagine how someone can’t even think about it. But just like that person doesn’t realize how we can even bear its scent.

Same with love, deeds, choices. We do not know why this happened, what childhood traumas, unfulfilled expectations, an unhappy marriage or a dumb boss influenced it. We don’t even know if that boss is a dumb.

We know nothing about people. We sometimes do not understand ourselves. What to talk about others?

Therefore, we always have to listen, strive to know and discover. Not to judge, not to assess, not to push your opinion. But read page by page, discover, enjoy, and giving thanks. Because we know nothing about others.

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