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We had him for ten years.

We got him as a pup and they sold him at a discount as his spots did not qualify for any competition.  One of his ears had a big black spot. We had no plans to enter him for any competition and we willingly bought him. 

Robo – his name – a Dalmatian,  was a gentle dog and being large in size we had a tough time caring for him specially when he fell ill. One of his legs had a wound that festered and that meant he could not walk.  The Vet did his best but his health deteriorated. 

After this harrowing experience dealing with large sized dogs our next dog was Rana the Bull Terrier with a manageable size. 

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  1. It is very hard to say good bye to our fury ones. I can tell you loved him. I prefer labs, Huskies, lab retrievers and they are big dogs. We have no room here for any dog the vet said so it is just my Sophie and myself. I lost my dog and my cat before I got Sophie and I will tell you it is very very hard to say goodbye to them. I wished they could have lived forever but I guess there are other plans for them. I am glad you got another furry one after you dog died.

    • We pet lovers have to be prepared for those days when they just leave us. That is life. We lost our last dog Preiti. She lived for 12 years – a dignified lady, a perfect companion.


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