Naaki gave us Bhagira and Nimmi

Naaki was born to a dog that we had adopted while we were in the city  That dog just spent time in our garden and we fed her.  She had a litter of many puppies.  We gave them away to farmhouses after putting an Ad saying there were puppies for free distribution.  They all came in cars and that made us comfortable as we felt these puppies would be well taken care of. 

But one puppy had no demand.  She was left behind as she was the ugliest.  We adopted her and my husband named her Naaki. 

But as you can see in the photo she grew to be a beautiful dog with a bushy tail.  One of our maids loved to bathe her as she came out spotless white. We spayed her after she had two litters.  We retained one puppy each from these litters and we gifted the rest away.  One was Bhgira and the other Nimmi.  Both lived for 14 and 12 years respectively. 

Naaki lived for sixteen years leaving behind happy memories. 

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  1. I had a cat that lived to the age of 20 in cat years. She was 4 months shy of her 21st birthday. She just had enough and decided to die in her sleep. It was very hard. I loved her so much. She was a tabby named Mitzi. Now, I have a completely different cat than her.


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