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We Better Sing!

Informal reunion with a few friends in adolescence is very pleasant. It was not a big event, but only a few people gathered to karaoke at a friend’s house. It was really just a relaxing event at first but then had time to become tense by a story.

The tension occurred when four of us took some snacks together in the next room. At that time one of us briefly and lightly told about his daughter who conveyed her desire, whether serious or not, to become an agnostic. A little explanation of the reasons for her desire is that she can no longer believe in religion even though she still believes that God exists. Something that originally was a parent’s story about his daughter then developed after more people gathered, were involved, expressed their views, and argued.

The discussion then widened into a debate between right or wrong from the attitude of choosing agnostics, even extending into the realm of theist and atheist, life after death and its contra, reincarnation, etc. to flowing various excuses, principles, verses, references , figures, history, sources of thought and opinion, etc. Tensions also arise because there are also religious differences among us, besides those who are pro and contra against agnostics and atheists.

Really, all the topics they discussed or debated were not interesting for me, but how they insisted, attacked and defended each other, far more interesting to observe. After some time the discussion was not finished, I chose to go back to the karaoke room and sing again. Another friend who followed me commented, asking, “It is troublesome for us to talk about beliefs and unbelief, or also differences. By the way, why are you just staying quiet in that forum?”

“If everyone feels very right, feels that they really know and believes, is my opinion important?”

“Yes, at least you can convey your own point of view, right?”

“It is a discussion without moderators, without direction and purpose, if my opinion is totally different from all of them, surely the discussion will be wider and not produce anything other than the increase of personal ego and group ego. So, why do I bring my point of view? Besides, I don’t know anything about all that. “

“Then, what is your view of them?”

“Nothing, except like watching humor about their insistence,” I replied while starting to sing the song We Are The Champion.

It’s funny, a few minutes later one by one they began to gather again and joined singing the song together, even repeating it once more.

In such a situation, I always don’t want to say anything. I do not want to debate something that is essentially non-duality in the parameters of duality. I also do not want to be forced to choose and side with a pole or have to struggle to stand at the midpoint, because for me the balance even has to negate the two poles themselves. Indeed, in the life of duality, it is difficult not to take sides in a pole, is it?

  • In such a situation, how would you behave?

    • Take sides
    • Be neutral
    • Leave the debate
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    • Agreeeee…
      I have called the friend who told us about his daughter, he was very confused and was surprised that what he had said to a limited number of people could extend to all those present at the event yesterday. It seems that he became anxious until now because he was worried that he had triggered a conflict or would cause a change of attitude among those friends. I said I would meet him in the next few days.

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