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Was this the story of the Corona virus?

In the Hollywood movie ‘Outbreak’ Corona virus was predicted 25 years ago that spread from Wuhan City, whereas in the 2011 film ‘Contagion’, viruses such as Coronoa virus  have been identified.

The deadliest Corona virus that has killed hundreds of humans in China’s industrial city of Wuhan, was identified years ago in a Hollywood movie. The deadly virus, transmitted from animals to humans, was identified in the Hollywood movie ‘Outbreak’, released in 1995.

The film, released in 1995, shows a man trying to capture a wild monkey and in the meantime the monkeys claws touched the man and transmit the germs into man body.

Outbreak – Official Trailer 1995

Virus like corona have also been identified in the 2011 in film Contagion. , The film shows that a woman gets a cough and then the germs that come out of her mouth start to make other men sick too and deadliest virus transmitted from humans to humans kills 25 million people worldwide in one month.

Contagion Official HD Trailer 2011 

The Corona virus transmits from animals to humans and from humans to humans. It causes illnesses like diarrhea and colds, and in the absence of timely and appropriate treatment, death of the patient can occur. Be clear In China, 259 people lost their lives while 12,000 people are effected. 

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