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The Academy Award® winner Steven Soderbergh directed this global thriller, Contagion, with an internationally gathered cast filmed at various locations around the world, sites include Hong Kong, Atlanta, Chicago, Casablanca, San Francisco, Geneva, and London. 

While it is pure fiction, this 2011 film, Contagion covers incredibly realistic, scenes of the rapid progress of a mysterious airborne virus that kills within only a few days, a grim resemblance in character to Covid19. While this fast-moving pandemic grows, the medical community across the globe race to develop a cure to try and control the panic that is spreading faster than the actual virus.

 At the same time, citizens everywhere are struggling to survive in a society that is rapidly coming apart. Whether you had seen the movie or not, this summary is a useful reference to how the virus in the movie was being dealt with. The fictional depiction of a virus pandemic and how the film writer had approached the subject was exceptionally well researched showing at least 28 uncannily accurate similarities to the current Contagion, Covid19.



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