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Wacky Wednesday ~ Geological Pyramid

At the Rapa Sports Park, there is a geological pyramid, in which colorful stones of irregular shapes from the gravel of the nearby river Kokra are built. With the four-sided pyramid, it is possible to better understand the geological diversity of the stones that the river brings, grinds, and deposits on its way. The most typical stones are cut and polished to see how they are composed. The radiotherapist, who measured the energy state in the range of the pyramid, has his own opinion. After its installation, the otherwise good geomantic point improved and the energy field around the pyramid increased to a diameter of about 500 meters.

“The energy in this area has the intellect and is automatically regulated according to the needs of each individual. The area of field strength and purity regulation, however, is wider than human needs. This means that the field around the pyramid adds as much energy to each person as he needs, but never adds too much or too little.

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