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Use a flip phone and win $ 1000

Washington: US State Utah local company has announced a strange challenge under which you will have to use flip phone and ditch your smart phone for a week and the winner will be rewarded with $ 1000.

The Internet service provider Company spokes person said that his company needs such brave souls who will give his smartphone to the company for seven days and he will use the flip phone given by Company.

The spokesperson said that the company’s favorite candidate the one would be a smartphone addict, and social media expert. Spokes person of the company added, that this will be plus or bonus point for candidate If they are active on social media or are a video blogger.

The company said that the person who will fulfill the challenge, the company will give him one thousand dollars and he will also receive a medical aid kit and a road map, pocket phone, Notepad, Pen, and also  CD used in 1990.

To participate in this competition Click here  Frontier Bundles Challenge .

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