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Usage of incense sticks in Thailand

When I was vacationing in Thailand, I watched how Thais use incense sticks.

In Buddhist temples there is a tradition of lighting such sticks, apparently, it is necessary to propitiate the gods and establish a connection with them through a thin stream of smoking aroma emanating from burning incense sticks.

In Thailand, incense sticks can be seen everywhere: in temples, in cafes, in massage parlors, official institutions, in retail shops, and altars. I noticed that there are especially many sticks placed in miniature temples of Hindu deities, in houses of spirit. It turns out that one wand means Buddha, the second – his teachings, the third community of monks, as well as the presence of other spirits, so the number of sticks can be unlimited. Such an altar was located near our hotel in Pattaya.

This is explained by the fact that Thais are very superstitious and pious. They support each step in life with approval from above and incense sticks are like a connection between them and higher powers. 

While we were in Thailand, I did not remain indifferent to this and bought incense sticks for myself, especially since they cost very little. For a large package, I paid 40 baht. The sticks are made of bamboo and covered with natural dyes, which are from light and silver to black. They have aromas of sandalwood, jasmine, and roses, by the way, these are the favorite smells of Buddha. 

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