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Unexpected sky ~ Sky Sunday

This is a photo of the sky on a day without rain at all last week. After that day, it rained continuously every day, with high average intensity.

The weather is very unexpected lately, rain can even go down on a sunny day. Well, it seems that this phenomenon is also similar to today’s life which is full of unpredictable such in various aspects. I remember when a few years before the new millennium said that the world, especially the business environment would be filled with non-linear uncertainties.

I don’t know how you think about it, agree or not, but I just hope that we can all go through these periods of uncertainties peacefully and happily.

  • Do you agree that uncertainty is on a high level in various aspects of life throughout the world?

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  1. Unpredictability, just like change, is the spice of life and the living. Can you imagine an existence that is ruled by predictability? The world is perfectly beautiful because of its imperfections. All, according to Professor X, is a matter of learning ?

  2. Why does uncertainty in life get such a bad rap. It is in fact the very essence of what we need in our lives. If all was backed, presented in pretty packages to us each day, we would eventually grow weary of unwrapping perfection.

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