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Try not to think how much time is left to live the way we live now

People are scared. However, it is not a lockdown itself that frightens us and deprives us of peace but because we do not know what will happen tomorrow or in a few months. 

Try not to count and think about how much time is left to live the way we live now. Let’s live today as best we can. Doing so will not steal your inner freedom or create tension for ourselves. The anxiety is raised by planning for the future and fear. Let us no longer have a vision for the future. I caught myself thinking about planning and calculating.

Lockdown is a huge challenge for me as for everyone. Although there is more time to read, not to run, to stop, I spend a lot of time online reading news. I also as many others had to give up a great passion – my work.

After this challenge, we will be able to redefine many things, reevaluate values, change behavior. We will become different. Less egocentric even when we take a pack of rice. We will realize that it is not necessary to take them more than one pack. There must be enough for everyone.

We do a lot of things today for money. Sport becomes business, politics is business. We have neglected nature, mixed up ecosystems. It is the result of our work, not because of God’s punishment. Life situations teach us how to change a life that has become defective.

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