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Being bold does not mean not being afraid

Being bold does not mean not being afraid. Being bold means appreciating the potential outcomes and still being determined to take the first step. It is a bit sharper with bravery: the brave one dives first and then thinks how to go out. It is OK  to feel fear. Being afraid is normal. Fear allowed us to survive as a species.

And now, at home, we probably sit because we are afraid, others because we understand the importance of lockdown, respect the work of doctors, and protect the most vulnerable. All the reasons are good. The key is moderation. Especially with fear.

Let us be afraid, but let not the fear penetrate the bone marrow, so that it may poison steps, pollute conversations, or deprive the sleep. Faith and hope always overcome fear. Pull yourself and your anxieties into the light, talk about them, share them, and let them burn.

I know that it is not only diseases that scare – I also feel anxiety about the future, about work, about how things will change when things finally come to an end. Will everything be as it was? Will all our experiences change us for the long term? We’ve been getting out a lot of times, we’re smart – I think we’ll definitely get something.

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