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Top Things People Worry Most About

Worry, that sense of insecurity, unease, and fear over what negative events may happen – as unrealistic as these concerns may be – is one of the most unpleasant emotions that you can experience as a human being. It is also one of the most common conditions. While everyone has worried at some point, many people suffer from chronic worrying in the form of anxiety.

 In Australia alone, 2 million people suffer from anxiety in any one year. This is in the absence of the recent climatic conditions, which elevate anxiety even more. If you worry often, you’re far from alone. In fact, it may comfort you to know that many of us tend to worry about the same issues. All of those anxieties and stressors that may plague your life also affect a huge chunk of the rest of the world as well. What are our common worries as human beings? More importantly, what can be done about them?

Worries we all share, like money and the future, job security and relationships, physical and mental health and how to cope with them can be shared in bite-sized chunks of practical solutions. If there is an interest to find out, please respond to the question below.

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  1. I am an anxiety/panic attack survivor. It took me one year to get back to normal but left me with greatly damaged nerves. Now I have to keep myself strong and on the track because I know I could not survive another full-blown anxiety attack. It is hard but I do what I can and keep myself together.

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