Heart and chest hurting? I recently read about a woman who was complaining of chest pains. A series of medical work-ups found no psychical cause for her symptoms. Was she supposed to live with chronic discomfort? Reluctantly she turned to psychotherapy. When her therapist asked her if someone she loved had hurt her badly, she guffawed and brushed his question off as psychobabble. 

A few sessions later, she spoke about the demise of her last relationship, as she spoke, she suddenly began to cry uncontrollably. For too long she ignored her broken heart. She needed to mourn the relationship and honor her sadness. After this release, the tension in her chest finally lifted.

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  1. I did not know that sadness and heartbreak could physically cause the heart to ache. I do know that my cousin’s wife had a very interesting ailment there were days when her heart would really hurt and she just had to put up with it. She did go on to raise three children,

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