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To See Differences Naturally ~ Nature Tuesday

I have to go back to the old photo archive to find natural images for today’s challenges. Finally, I decided to put this picture in my post this time. Yes, this is another photo of the Heroes Cemetery as a part of the collection pictures that I have posted here several times. A little reason why I want to post this picture is the idea about how we are who live in this world with those who are in different realms.

Behind the sapodilla tree, is a row of graves of heroes who are Muslim, because indeed the tree is on that block. I underline the word “block” here to describe how we, humans, categorize, dividing, discriminating with each other through various means. Through all of these ways we consider other people superior or inferior, have high or low status, etc., but in general, whatever status we attach to certain people or groups of people, it is always easier to find the bad or negative side of others than their glory, kindness, or positive side. Indeed, every person, tribe, or nation has their own perspective, but differences should not make us feel better, more righteous, more valuable, or more worthy of living than others, right?

I think, as long as there is our view of our difference in certain perspectives or paradigms, which conveyed through insults, criticism, bullying, complaints, rumors, or even just saved in mind as murmurs, or assumptions and thoughts about shortcomings, weaknesses, and other people’s ugliness, group, religion, sect, sect, ethnicity, culture, nation or whatever to anyone… there must be something in common that we need to renovate or transform from within ourselves.

It would be wise to always remember a proverb;

“Ants across the ocean are clear

The elephant before eyes invisible.”

After all, if we are who still living in this world too often thinking and talking about various differences between fellow humans, are they those who have gone before us since thousands of years ago until second ago who are now in different realms, are they still in groups in the same way, at least on one own initiative, to gossip about all the differences?

  • In your opinion, is it too hard for humans to see differences naturally without any frills?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Really depends. I can simply ignore everything I don’t agree with or I try and understand it … I agree with Pamela, it depends on how much you want to “grow”. As growing to me is incoparating things that hurt you or you disagree “into” you and reform yourself with a new understanding. It’s a difficult process.

    But sometimes, it also depends on the environment, if its nurturing the growth or not.

    Anyway, differences will be everywhere because everyone is unique. Unity is never everyone singing the same song/slogan but everyone singing different words but yet blends as one.

    • I like your opinion when talking about this kind of thing, dear friend. Since thousands of years ago (or before) humans have always been different from each other, even though identical twins and that made you, me, and all others be the only ones who have ever existed, that’s a unique difference but in equality and unity as humanity, as you said.

  2. Albert, you are a stalwart asker of hard questions.

    In the thoughts of a moment, in the fleeting passage of the instant, there is no difference between any of us.

    It is only when we stop, breathe and realize that in fact, all are the same that we can move forward.

    • As all comments here, in fact, this is a topic that everyone knows and often talks about, my friend. The problem is, knowing is different from believing, believing is not the same as realizing, realizing it is not the same as fully aware while, on the other hand, our five senses and minds always confirm that difference with all of its variants, from the obvious to the very vague.

      Hopefully, as you said, people want to stop more, breathe, and realize all the similarities as proof that we have succeeded in learning and can move forward.

  3. Another great post … we really are different people by faith, color and thinking, and it’s just so … what if they were all the same … I think it would be very boring … I personally do not differ people by faith and color of skin, but by personality themselves … what kind of man is … what kind of heart … if a man is good I do not care whether he is a Muslim or a gypsy .. he is black or white … it is important to me he’s a good man by heart and soul … I think I’ve told everything dear friend

  4. One thing I will say is that every humans are born the same way and we all die eventually so why not just get along to make our stay on this earth a little bit easier and not necessarily boring by being all alike. After all a little bit of difference adds some spice to life. Awesome post Albert. Felicitations or in English congratlations .

    • O, dear friend. People or friends like you are one of the reasons I’m happy to be here, to see and understand differences as beauty in life. People with open minds like you, which also means wise is very important for the world to inspire.
      Thank you for putting the light of your wisdom and kindness here.

  5. If we were all the same, this world would be a boring place. I find it is great to find different people from myself and see the world through new glasses.
    It doesn’t come in an easy package all the time, but it adds to our learning.

    A lot of people who complain all the time, never really learn to grow wiser. They always are the same. Learning can be hard and life can be a real challenge, but growth is necessary in order to better the world we live in.

    Complaining while training is natural, but to stay that way means we have not progressed.

    • I agree with you, Pamela. We indeed continue to learn, to keep trying to understand and harmonize with each other, and indeed that is the benefit of differences. It’s okay if occasionally or often fail to understand differences as long as we keep trying, but if we think otherwise, because of our ego we then assume that someone, family, ethnicity, group, race, nation or other is superior or better than others so that the difference must be eliminated, and all must like-minded.
      It’s okay to consider what we believe, know, and do as a major truth and goodness but it’s also not wise to consider the other party to be wrong without trying to understand with an open mind first. Quite a lot of people can accept differences as long as it only happens in the group but not if a difference comes from another group. If that happens, it means we fail to learn and stagnate.

  6. I totally agree with you. We are different people. Everyone has good and bad sides. We often condemn without the right cause. I always say that race, religion, nationality, etc. are not important. For me, the interior of a person is important, his heart ….

  7. Once again, you have spoken such true words. We are all different. So what? Why should those differences be pointed out so often as negative? They should not be. We all deserve the respect to feel and speak differently than the next person. What kind of world would it be if we were all alike? Not a world I want to live in.

    Amazing photo from your collection my friend. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.

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