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Time, you can't save it

People often talk about saving time. I can’t be saved once a minute is gone it’s gone forever and you cannot get it back. So this next week I am going to keep track of the things I say yes to and how I spend my 168 hours. You can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be on things over which I have no control over. This week I am going to recognize the situation and change the focus every time it arises. 

My extend family it taking up some of my time and  I will regret every minute I spend there, and it is a must. I will be present and I will not participate. “There” is all they get.

  • Do you sometimes go because you feel forced?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I think its a great idea …
    I read a code, we always try to impress people who don’t give a damn about us …
    but of course its not always about impressing, but sometimes we do certain things just to shut someone up and not because we want to and not because the thing is eventful …

  2. Between 106 and 112 waking hours a day.

    It translates to around 6000 minutes a week.
    The funny thing is if you account for everyone, you have wasted more than you have used!

    Be free, sometimes lost minutes are the best ones!

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