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Time is irreversible…

A warm evening on the outskirts of the city, old apple trees near the extinct homestead, small semi-wild apples lying in the grass, you know what they taste like: sweet-sour and smells like September.

No supermarket fruit will be as delicious – even if you eat it in kilograms, even the most expensive, shiny, red – it will not feel like that apples lying in the grass. If you are lucky enough to find such delicious apples, taste it in no hurry. And let every bite be reminiscent of the elapsed time – the days and centuries that have flown into infinite space.

When you begin to realize that this minute is irreversible and it will never be there again, you will not return to it, that taste of apple in your mouth will not be repeated, just as the minutes and lives of billions of people are not repeated – when it begins to realize how extraordinary the world is!

The roar of the forest, the grass under your feet, the waves and dunes, the oceans and the mountains – everything will one day disappear  for us as the taste of the apple disappears in our mouth.But while they are, I don’t stop enjoying.

© Fortune, 2020

  • Time is irreversible and we should rejoice every second, agree?

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  1. And yet, what is time anyway?

    Maybe, it is an illusion, in which case, something like a rock stays around the same, until it decides not too, and yet, that could be said to be time too.

    Are the laws of nature, subject to time, and will change over time too?

    If nothing changed, would time exist?

    Is the change really happening, or is it more just our memory of the change?

    If God exists, does he change, if he doesn’t change, perhaps he wouldn’t be subject to time either, if he is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

    Too many questions, and I do not have the time to ponder them further…

  2. That is very true. I have often thought back to certain times and wishing there was a way to go back and start from there again but then I realize how much the world has changed and that it is not possible to reverse anything.


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