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Tiger looking like a dog or dog looking like a tiger!!?

With forests being replaced by concete jungles more and mor wild animals are getting displaced and are seen among human habitats. 

There have been reports of deaths of both domestic animals and human beings due to attack by these wild animals.  

To keep them at bay farmers and others paint their dogs to look like tigers.  This photo is  that of the  mild well behaved labrador painted to resemble a tiger. 

This seems a better alternative than attempting to  destroy those innocement wild animals. However I have not come across any reports on the wild animals staying away. 

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  1. Wild animals live in the wild as the word itself says.
    They have their instincts and instincts there to survive.
    If a man goes astray, it is his fault that their food will be.
    However, some poachers intentionally kill and destroy the population of these animals for the sake of elephant tusks, rhino horns, or decorative feathers of exotic birds.
    Such people should be severely restricted from acting.
    One race of animals must not disappear before our eyes for the material benefit.
    Everything I wrote about your text seems a little strange to me.
    Of course, my opinion.
    Maybe this is what is happening in this crazy world.

  2. As population grows bigger, more land is needed to build houses, apartments and other buildings. Thus, the wild animals lose their habitat and they need to survive. Elephants, leopards, hyenas are the common wild animals that can be seen in the city during the night.


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