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Thursday Reflections – Reflections on a foggy day

It’s first Thursday of the year, time to show our reflections shots.

Of the many photo styles, the reflections are pretty easy to photograph. You need a camera of any kind (it can be the mobile phone), and a reflective surface. In nature we find everywhere such surfaces. It is up to us to see and use them creatively.

This reflection adds a special note to the atmosphere in the photo and stimulates the viewer’s imagination, don’t you think ?


  • Wich one do you prefere?

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What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. I didn’t read any of the comments yet (I will afterwards), but I prefer the version on the left. The warmer tones of the right-hand one feel a little uncomfortable with the icy cold atmosphere being captured.

  2. Both are great as alibb stated. As much as I like the color blue, your slightly pink color is also very pretty. and that is why I chose that color. It is not a real landscape color but it seems to add a touch of something that I cannot explain in words, except for maybe warmth. Great shot as always.