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Thursday Reflections

I have had too much on my mind lately and haven’t been to well either, which brings me to the point of my reflections for today. It is important to work but what at what cost?

Maybe what I say doesn’t make sense to you. I quit my job at the peak of my career  as it didn’t make sense to me that I get promoted to be a Manager in a huge IT company when my son stood behind the grills of a day care waiting for his mom to take him home late in the evening after all his friends had gone home hours ago.

The look on his face said it all, he wanted mommy and he didn’t care if she had she loads of money or not. I decided that no career was worth it. I wanted to see my kids grow up, I wanted to see them do well. Twenty two years later here I am thanking God for having made the right decisions. My sons will be doctors and specialist doctors but more than that they are lovely humans.

Life is fragile , the past is behind us, the future is uncertain, all we have is the present. We need to make the right choices in life. I believe in life with no regrets, I often make tough decisions which seems foolish to others, but its my life and I know it better than them. I have no regrets.

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    Do you have any regrets in life?

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    Do you find it hard to take tough decisions?

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  1. I love your photo, yes, I regret that I didn’t take the path in my life to do what it is best to do and make a living, ie nursing but then I didn’t know that that was best for me.
    I tried to make it as an artist but I found a very tight closed circle reserved for rich kids.
    Artists never make enough money to live on, but are millionaires when they are dead.

  2. All congratulations, dear friend … not everything in money … I still hold this principle….I have not regretted my decisions until now, even though they were not all right

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