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This ground cover adds to the looks of our garden

Just learnt the name of this ground cover.  It is known as Busy Lizzie – nice name.

Busy Lizzie is seasonal sadly, as it disappears although the plants remain dormant with no flowers.  It is at this time that they show up again lighting up our ground in bits and pieces as that is how we have planted it. It however kills whatever is there on its way and it has done that to the ‘Herb of Grace’  not named after  me, but is the name of that herb that helps improve one’s memory.

We have decided to plant the ‘Herb of Grace’ at a different place so that it stays and does not disappear.

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  1. Grace, I have a bunch of grass, that is currently covered with snow and deer poop! That is what fall and winter looks like here!

    In your time of discouragement please remember you can earn by responding to comments that others have left on all the posts that you have written. You may notice that others are leaving comments on your posts so the conversations and virils can keep coming in. I am in no way telling anyone what to do. I am however trying to figure out who may need some extra comments to reply to.


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