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Things to do with Apples ~ Apple pies cakes and more

Apple pies, apple sauce, apple cakes, apple jelly and bags and bags of frozen apples are the result of too many apples. During apple picking time I make lots of apple pies and apple cakes to the delight of my family. The rest of the apples are sliced and dried or made into apple pie mix and frozen. Of course there is eating  apples as they are picked but there are just so many apples one can eat in a day.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having too many fruit trees. In my case it is two apple trees that produce abundantly during the summer months. I am constantly picking apples or picking up apples and finding things to do with them. Advantage: You get to make and eat delicious stuff. Disadvantage: Not enough time and people to consume all the apples. There are just so many relatives and friends one can ask to come and help themselves to apples. Many prefer that I do the picking and gift the apples to them.

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    Do you have an apple tree?

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    • No
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    How do you like your apples?

    • Pies and cakes
    • Fresh whole apples
    • Apple cider
    • All of the above and more


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