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Things I Still Don't Understand About This Site!

Here’s my quandary. I have read the rules over and over. I think I have it all figured out, but I don’t.  I ask questions and get very few answers. I probably ask the wrong people, or ask in a way they don’t understand, or maybe people here just don’t answer.  Or maybe they just don’t talk to me. Maybe if I do it this way people may at least read it and explain it to me! Anything would be better than nothing. 

I am going to do a pole, and I hope someone will share some answers. If you don’t want to share them here you can always send my a personal message.  At the moment I really don’t feel like I know what I am supposed to be doing. 

  • Question of

    Are there a limmited number of comments you get credit for in a 24 hour period?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Are there a limited number of posts you get credit for viewing in a 24 hours period?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Is there any reason to try and follow everyone?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Will anyone take the time to explain it?

    • Yes
    • No


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      • I would like to edit some of my articles, but whenever I contact the staff, through the email they’ve provided and the contact form, I don’t get any response. Actually, I have contacted them twice. The lack of response makes me wonder whether my query get lost on their way to their intended destination. This, makes me completely lost but also confused.

        • Oh, my. For instance, in the last sentence. I need to edit it. I think they should put the editing feature in comments and in the dashboard for published articles for writers to edit their articles or comments whenever they see the need to.

  1. You used to get points for following someone, no longer now.

    The only reason to follow someone now is that you can find their posts more easily, by clicking on the “Following” tab. But I realised that I don’t need this “feature” to find the posts of people I followed … I tend to read posts that attracted me more …

  2. No one can accurately answer you questions … but I’ve found some old posts and hope they help.

    tasartcraft has wrote about this … and I quote:

    *Reading points limit*

    9 months ago

    I think 50 points for posts + 100 for quizzes and polls. It is written in the FAQs under “How Virils are rewarded”, although it seems to me that the numbers are sometimes changed, so now it seems to me that the number is 75 for posts or it is just because I don’t open enough quizzes and polls – it also depends on how many polls and quizzes you open…

    When you stop getting notifications about the Virils you got for opening posts (same is for comments)…..”

    The full discussion is here >>>

    *Commenting points limit*

    also in another post, tasartcraft mentioned:
    “First, I noticed or at least it looks to me that way that now you get points for comments on other people’s posts only till the end of 1 branch of the “tree” (thread) – if you start another conversation within the same thread you get no points while the author does, so the maximum of the points you can get by commenting on other people’s posts seems to be ONLY 3 (within 1 “tree” (thread)), although today I noticed it’s different again and seems like it’s back to how it has previously been, if I noticed well, or it is something completely different….. :/! Maybe it was happening because of the overall number of comments on 1 article (comments under photos) but I’m not sure…”

    The point limits used to be in the FAQ but no longer now. I vaguely remember that the limit (for reading post) is not easy to exceed, unless you’re spamming. There is no limit in the points you get from people commenting on your posts. If memory doesn’t fail me, the maximum limit for commenting (on others’ posts) is 50.

    All these are from memory and may not be accurate, plus the system have been changed.
    Bottom line, no one knows the exact limits in Virily.

  3. There are limits on many things.

    1. Number of pictures submitted in a gallery (30 or so) you get 2 virils for the first two images nothing for the rest.
    2. comments are limited.
    3. Reading posts is unlimited, but there be a maximum credit you get in a day.
    4. Guest views (non-virily members) are capped per day.

    Sorry you are frustrated, I know communication isn’t always the strong suit here.

  4. I didn’t answer #1 or #2 because I simply don’t know the answer.

    #3 – I used to friend everyone but then I thought about it and couldn’t figure out any advantage to doing so.

    #4 – No one around here seems to be answering questions. From what I have heard, most of the staff are gone. There’s no one to do the answering. Because of this many people are doubting that Virily has much of a future and will soon join Niume and Bubblews.

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