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Some Random Virily Thoughts

I have taken a few minutes this morning to take a look back at some of the routines that I have in Virily. I am starting to question some of my practices and what others might think. 

I often go to the suggested posts that are listed below and some of them were written a couple years ago. I still like to see if I have read them and if I have not I often read and comment on them.  I had some ask if I was scrounging for points.  My response was honest and heartfelt. “I often don’t even look at the date. If it looks interesting and I have a comment I read it and make it.”

Sometimes  am shocked at how much I missed when I thought  was reading everything. I like to think that everyone who takes the time to participate should get at least one meaningful comment, even if it is two years late!  (I am fairly certain I am the only one who thinks this way.)

I also ask questions in comments often and silly me, I am hoping for an answer.

  • Question of

    Are my expectations odd?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do find yourself reading things from years ago?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I often wander back to see what others were thinking in the past. I also find there are some authors I steer clear of, and others I try to read everything.

    Today I realized I had missed 4 or 5 posts by you over the past four days at least.

  2. I usually don’t have time to read older posts. Once I catch up with the posts and notifications on this and one other site, I’m usually out of time.

  3. Don’t bother, dear friend …. I think we’re free here and anyone can do as they please … so why not read the old posts … if I comment on them it’s just my decision

  4. You’re not alone. Since I like reading a lot, I often go through older posts, as back as 2 years ago. I’m making use of my hobby. Writing.