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There Is No Time Like Now

Now is all we have. If we want to achieve some thing the best time to start is now. I am sure you have heard the saying, Tomorrow never comes.  When we waste our now’s and wait for the tomorrows or a better time to do what we have to do we never get around to doing anything.

Enjoy the moment, take time to look around and enjoy the beauty around you. Enjoy your family, tomorrow maybe too late. Enjoy the flower in bloom, it might fade away. The only way to enjoy life is in the now.

When you enjoy the now you make memories for a later time.  Doing what you have to do now gives you the opportunity and the time to have fun later.

Now is the time, here is the place, do not wait for tomorrow. Who knows what will happen today!!

This rose from my garden is to wish  you  – Have a great day!

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    Do you keep postponing things?

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    Do you enjoy each day as it comes?

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Written by Dawn


  1. I really need to practice living in the moment. Thanks so much for the great reminder. Another reason I love to read things here. You made a difference in my life today.

  2. I felt sad when I could not pursue my law schooling this year because of some concerns that I need to prioritize. But I hope it is not yet too late for me.

    • I am sure you will make a good lawyer, its never to late to learn Sharon. I am sure you will make it through with flying colors in law school.