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The Warmth Of Interaction In Virily.

There is an improvement that I really like in the Virily community. That thing is the warmth of interaction. Since I joined here, I always and constantly strive to build interaction and communication with other users. I definitely always replied every comment on my post or reply on friend’s comments on their posts. Fortunately that there were some friends that I have known before so that the process of adaptation was not too difficult. But at that time I still saw the same tendency as the sites I’ve ever joined before, where people often only said one word like nice, beautiful, I like it, and the like. With such comments, there’s nothing I can do more than say thank you, right?

Since I realized how unsatisfying was to received a very short comment on an original post as required to post here, which of course requires a series of efforts; to write in accordance with the minimum character, adequate English, original image or showing the source, and of course the moderation waiting time by the admin, I always tried to gave the best and contextual comments as good as I could. Even though for a long time the effort was not encouraging but along with the increasing closeness of friendship with several friends, the effort brought the results too. Little by little, there is more interaction than just one “comments and leave it” without feeling the need to look at a reply, until then replying to comments in one thread can be quite long.  That also happens in some other friends posts.

One great thing from Virily that I really appreciate was the provision which launched to limit the minimum number of characters of a comment. It was truly like a heavenly wind for that effort. Another new fresh breeze that I felt – I said feel because I didn’t have any data – was after DocAndersen made posts about influencers. Since those posts, I have seen more long threads on many posts!

My advice to some friends who ask through personal messages was, “Continue to reply until a post that you write with full effort has the right value. If friendship is not your motivation, at least you’ll get increased views, and of course additional Virils”. I still continue to visit new users, either by compliment features or visiting some of their posts at once, who knows they’ll move out of their homes to visit other members for if they do that I am sure there will be more reciprocal visits.

Without other intentions, I just want to appreciate the increasing warmth among us, in addition to reminding the importance of increasing traffic in this community. Lately, I have seen the increasing warmth in many posts, and from more friends. So, even though this has not become the culture of our community or the main tendency of the way we play here, but the increase in warmth is very encouraging! 

Once again, I want to thank all of you who have contributed to this warmth, I really appreciate it.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Delighted with your post very much, it’s very important for me to be a member of our friendly Virily family. The increase in warmth is really very encouraging and I appreciate it very much!!! Always try to express all my joy about it. Wish you a super start of a new week!!!

    • I really agree with you, Anastaia. I think warmth is a conducive climate to encourage the fulfillment of our motivations as users to in line with expectations.

      I am sure the excitement you express everywhere will be very effective in strengthening friendships in Virily with all the positive consequences.

  2. I’m sure there are more warmth from around here, especially from some comments I’ve received from some users. Overall, I don’t feel the increase as much, just to be honest. Perhaps, I don’t really associate “longer comments” with “warmth”, but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful to friends that dropped by and drop a long comment! I do love those conversations too! 🙂

    The influencer seems like a double-edge sword, at least to me. I’ve similar view with Carol, I’m here just to have fun and post, and of course read and comment. Kaching is of course a bonus! LOL

    • Basically, I agree with you, but I feel “longer comments” are a sign that people are starting to be willing to change in the style of play, and that is warmth.

      I also agree with you, that I don’t feel that influencers have an interest in becoming influencers, because I’m happy just to be friends of all (if they want).

  3. You posted a wonderful post dear friend…this post should be read by everyone who works on Virily .. I only mimic only those who comment on me … I have often tried to comment on others just never had a reply … I’m sorry … I’m quitting … who comments me back to me I only open the rest to the rest of the post

    • Based on my experience so far, from so many users or friends we have visited only some are willing to interact. Among those who are willing to interact, there are various models;
      – who only willing to reply to comments on their own posts,
      – Those who only want to visit occasionally but never reply to comments, either on their posts or on posts they have visited
      – or who want to reply to comments wherever, their posts or other friends

      Indeed it takes a lot of time, but for me, as long as time is available, it is something worth. However, we must understand that everyone has their own motivations and reasons.

      • Oh, how good you are dear friend…I agree …. everyone has his own reason that he is here and there is nothing you can force to do … and everyone is not as much at their disposal as I do … for example, I will probably spend a lot less on the computer in the summer … in winter it’s different when it’s out of the snow and cold

  4. The numbers can be critical, it is really important that we know. But as you said, what we feel also has value.

    I enjoyed your piece on the value of comments. The value of the interaction. It is valuable to connect and communicate!

    I find it interesting now, the number of one comment and a reply and NOTHING ELSE. There are a number of people that only comment once and move on.

    I am curious about that but have no way to gather the data.

    • When compared to the number of active users, maybe the value of comments that I mean here is not significant, but when compared to the past and its progress, I can feel it. Some friends have adjusted the way they play with no longer only comment once and move on, even some members are relatively new.

      As you have said, this is not just about posting, because it hardly gives anything but the minimum Virils of posts but about how our ideas are read and responded to properly. That way our work becomes meaningful and valuable which is at least commensurate with the effort that we spend. For that, we have to visit our neighbors here.

      I am sure that this is a pro-active approach to attracting closeness, visits, comments, and Virils, also of course influence, as you have said. Just playing with “If”, it’ll be great if there is data that we can show to all friends…

      • I suspect that we could, in fact, create such an environment.

        We could encourage people to express their frustrations, but also to talk about what they like about the site. Such as your wonderful positive community post!

        We could clean up the facebook groups, in particular removing the “negative” incorrect posts. It is ok to be frustrated with the lack of updates on the dashboard. But it is simply one part of the dashboard that doesn’t update. It is deceptive to post “The dashboard doesn’t update.”

        I suspect the last thing would be for the community to respond fairly.

  5. In a community of writers like Virily, I guess a decent length of comment is necessary simply because it thrives in the principle of reciprocation. In other platforms that is only necessary if you interact with fellow writers, poets or bloggers.

      • Those two? Meaning the friendship and warmth of interaction? Of course, both are important but moreso in sites like Virily, WordPress and other literary sites.

        In FB, I reply warmly even with comments containing only “amen” or emojis ?. I mean, they are purely readers (that is the majority of my page followers) and they give their time to read my posts and comment. That is the least I could do. And you know what? One of them told me, one day, that he has to read my posts with a translator because he is Japanese and not quite good in English. Imagine the trouble that he has to go thru just to understand me. And that is the reason why I fall in love with FB. Random people who would send you message just telling you how you inspire them. I mean I am not one for flattery. But, if, indeed, it is true then it makes me more happy that my mere hobby is doing someone a bit of good.

  6. You make a great point. I have noticed more interactions with my posts, but I do not contribute it to what another member may be doing with data and numbers. I try to comment on everyone who comments on my posts. It is time consuming but well worth the effort.

    Cool photo you have there my friend.

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