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The Sunset Before The Rain ~ Nature Tuesday

Nature has been kind enough to me by giving me the opportunity to see the sunset before the rain is poured an hour later. It was the last sunset I had seen from around the house last Sunday because since then it had been raining all day for the past two days.

Nature is indeed very dynamic as well as all aspects and sides of our lives. I know, as we all know and understand that the sustainable dynamics of nature are merely continuous balancing processes, unfortunately, everything that we know is not always able to use as a perspective to see, understand, and respond to various problems that occur around us, that came to us, or which we go to.

In today’s internet era, it’s easy enough for us to know something or many things, it might also be easy to believe what we know as truth, but it can be difficult to internalize it and manifest it as a personal character. Maybe if all of our knowledge and insights can be integrated with consciousness and not as various tools beyond consciousness, all of them will be able to work more automatically in addressing various variants of problems or lessons provided by the universe.

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    Do you feel that you have used all your awareness of seeing things in life?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you like to understand everything in depth by asking why, and keep asking why at each answer given?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Users voted 11 times.
    Q: Do you feel that you have used all your awareness of seeing things in life?

    Yes (5 votes) – 45%
    No (6 votes) – 55%

    Q: Do you like to understand everything in depth by asking why, and keep asking why at each answer given?

    Yes (8 votes) – 67%
    No (4 votes) – 33%

  2. I actually do not know the answer to question number 1 so I answered no. As to number 2, for some reason, I stopped asking this question to myself. Acquiring so much knowledge will be more of a burden than of gain. What for when the ultimate goal in one’s life is to unlearn what we learned? Life takes care of itself. We just need to learn how to trust more and how to get out of the way so life can work on us ?

    • That’s a great view, O dear soul sister.
      As long as you can accept the “reality of life” as it is, fully sincere, without fuss, grumble, and prolonged grief, I agree with your final opinion. Actually, at the end of all questions, there is only the word “I don’t know” as an answer from the mind and knowledge. When our curiosity still needs answers above all knowledge which is merely memory or data stored, we will surrender ourselves to the spirit to give the answer.

      One thing, to know the edge of all the question is totally different with aware of it.

      • Answers only lead to questions and vice versa. Endless cycle. Know what? I wished for something sometime ago. My wish has been granted. So I remind myself everyday to suck it up and not to whine coz I asked for it ???

  3. Love the post, your last question makes me nervous. Why is a really bad thing to ask at times? Or were you referring to more open-ended questions meant to understand?

    Why can be the most dangerous word used in a conversation?

    Unless you are asking questions with the full intent of understanding (why) but not using the actual word why.

    Children go through a phase of life where they use the word why as a weapon. Adults at work continue that phase at times, weaponizing why. It should be a simple clarification process not a weaponized word meant to derail.

    • My 9-year old niece has the habit of asking endless “whys”. So when I realized she will still ask me the same why no matter how I answer, I changed my strategy. Whenever she asked why, I would reply “because”. If she insists more, I would sing “because…because i love you” hahaha. You got to be creative with kids, see.

    • I am sure you have read this post carefully. I thank you, Doc. I really understand that the question with “Why?” has potential hazards, often causing inconvenience to those who are questioned and can invite harm. But why is that? (You don’t need to answer this question).

      In accordance with the context, the essence and purpose of the two questions above is a form of contemplation to understand deeply something that is generally only seen as a ripple on the surface. These retention questions are by no means a form of tactics to sue parents why they forbid children from doing anything and so on. Even if pure curiosity and the need to understand compel us to ask “why?” to others, we must also be wise with the questions and ways to ask, right?

      It wasn’t mean that I never tried people by asking “Why” continuously, but I only did that in certain training as a method to help people realized their original self behind all the beliefs and knowledge that had been programmed or shaped by their environment lifetime.

      Borrowing terms of management knowledge, it’s much easier to learn about “know how” or “care how” than “know why” or “care why”, right?

      Again, I mean “why?” here is only the essence of the way we learn in the school of life in order to find as many as reasons can be given by mind and logic until we finally stop and realize that there is no logical reason or shared knowledge that can answer various essential questions such as, “Why was I born?”, “from this parents?”, “Here?”…

    • Thank you for your thought and appreciation too. If you visit my posts frequently, you will find out that most of the pictures I post are illustrations, symbols, or bridges to express my thoughts, Mohan Babu, my friend. This is not a request for you to visit my post at all, but rather an overview of my post in general, but, I also don’t forbid if you like to visit it … Hahaha … Joking, my friend.

      I think people can have and realize higher thought wherever we are even though indeed, in the midst of nature, we are easier to be inspired.

  4. You enjoy me and surprise me with beautiful photos. The truth is that Mother Nature has created us and holds the “The Concert Ball” in her hands. She decides what to play the orchestra. And if we like to stay, if we do not leave. I’m delighted to enjoy the sunset, but I’m leaving when it’s raining. I do not like the rain.

    • A pleasant appreciation and increase the brightness of my day, Ellenka. Thank you so much.

      I quite agree that the mother nature has been created us, but because we are also part of Her then we also participate in that creation, and the orchestra is played. Unfortunately, once we choose our universe to be born and live in it, we cannot leave it until the time comes.

      Well, there are rarely people who are willing to get wet because of rain for no particular reason.

  5. Great sunset before rain. You get rain and we get snow but I much rather prefer snow. (No offence Albert). I also want answers to several of my questions but just like Carol, sometime my brain gets overwhelmed by all the answers that we hear from people and especially the internet that I forego some of them.

    • Thank you, dear friend. I only have rain, but if there is snow, I think I will accept it and enjoy it too.
      I can understand your point, and we can indeed be overwhelmed even frustrated by the various answers we get from various sources. I myself do not always rely on the internet or other people’s perspectives for answers.

  6. Beautiful sunset. And it is my nature to want answers. But sometimes I have to walk away.

    We are expecting rain here again tomorrow. Very windy today.

    • Well… Hopefully today the sky won’t be gray so I can see the sunset again.
      Yep! Definite answers don’t always get instantaneous, time after time, and maps will expand with answer steps.

      It’s nice to see your sunset but also the hopes that are fulfilled, so hopefully, rain will come for you tomorrow.