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The Shadow Above The Bright ~ Wednesday Shadows

Given that Wednesday always asks for a shadow to share then I try to capture the shadow in the white field, to see how the dark is in a bright area. I think that shadow is strong enough to be captured by a camera, even with a cellphone camera. And hey, I even saw this picture as a reflection.

To be honest, I have no idea yet at all when making this paper, but when I say “the shadow in the white field” above it, occurred to me a reality where darkness and light can appear together at the same time and place. This idea has even drawn a range of reality around me about how lies, massive cheating, and framing can play openly in the mass media, in the community, or in various conversations, without feeling guilty amidst advances in information technology where almost all information can be created and found easily and openly.

In such circumstances, some people like a shout out facts in the ears of deaf people, show pictures in front of blind people, while some others freely flip through facts and accuse cheating or lying to people trying to tell the truth. Really, this is an interesting picture of the human ego that only emphasizes the interests of themselves, their groups, or those they support. Tsk…

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  1. I think it was a perfect analogy, where the ego creates shadows. Survival instincts, those that lead to prejudice, fighting against our spiritual side, the one that opens the gates to the higher knowledge and truth. The ego acts like an opaque object that doesn’t allow light to pass through. That makes sense. 🙂

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