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The Queen Ant.

The queen ant has the longest lifespan in all insects and despite the presence of male and female ant in the family, the production work is done by the queen ant only.

Have you ever noticed the row of ants? These ants appear to be very organized, running one by one in a straight line, but in addition, they have many qualities inside of them.

Ants also have families, and each family has a queen ant that lasts for 30 years. Did you know that the queen ant live long life in all type of insect pest found worldwide.

The Queen Ant family consists of thousands of ants, including male and female ants and the production is done only by the queen ant, no one can perform the production in this family. In the family there are ants of various colors and shapes and all are subject to the Queen’s order. If the Queen ant ¬†dies, like the bees, they do not make any ants their queen, but settle in other colonies.

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