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The Moose

The moose is another one of my favorite animals.  When we were in Maine we looked at all the favorite “moosey” places until our eyes ached but never saw one.  We did see some droppings and some footprints along a trail at another location; but that’s as close as we came!

The moose is the largest and heaviest in the deer family.  There are several different species; but with the moose in the Eastern United States and Canada males average 800 lbs. and 6.5 feet high at the shoulder!!!  Females are around 600#.  They are very large animals!  The males differ from deer that you normally see because they have open-hand shaped antlers rather than the “twig” type antlers.

Their diet consists of terrestrial and aquatic vegetation.  Their most common predators are the gray wolf, bears and humans.  They are normally solitary animals.  In Maine and New Hampshire there has been a 70% calf death due to the Winter Tick.  With an infestation the moose rub against a tree until their hair is rubbed off, making them more susceptible to hypothermia.

Photo Credit:  Pixabay

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  1. We often see moose. One morning there was a very large male moose in the yard. He was between the house and my truck. I had my brother take a picture and I emailed it to work – then I worked in the city a little over 50 miles to the city – I had him send the picture and say I would come when the moose left.

  2. I’ve never seen one in the wild – I’d love to, from an appropriate distance – but my sister-in-law used to live in Anchorage, Alaska and would get them in her driveway all the time. Apparently having a moose in your driveway is the most common cause of being late for work there.


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