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The last of alibb’s alphabet crazy challenge -Z for Zeppole

It had to be different and not just the Z for Zebra kind of post.  I did a search and found this word Zeppole which was new to me.  I am happy I learnt a new word and Zeppole is another word for large doughnuts done differently as can be seen from the image.

Zeppole is an Italian pastry but unlike the normal doughnuts these do not have holes.  They are deep fried and the recipe has some Ricotto cheese in it which again is not normal for the usual doughnuts.  The baking powder helps them rise and make them soft. The recipe also talks of eggs

I have visited Italy but no one spoke of this snack while we were there.  I could have tasted it.  They are not difficult to make and so I may give them a try.

Enjoyed posting for this challenge.  I have now arrived at the end.

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