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The First Post

I Am

I am all contents and filled everything

I don’t need a hand to eat a piece of tofu.

I’m zero

no need to fight to beat all numbers or honor them.

I am black and white

don’t need to think positive coz I am both.

I’m sweet

then I don’t need sugar.

I am fragrant

I don’t choose who can smell.

I’m the air

I don’t need faith to breathe.

The poem above is the first poem that became the contents of my first post on Virily, it was June 14, 2017, a few days after my birthday. A little difference, at the first of the post I wrote the poem on the painting for I do not understand yet how to write verses of poetry here, that always turn into long sentences without spaces at the end of the verse.

This repost is merely to celebrate or express my gladness upon the renewal in Virily where now I can see the date – at least a few seconds since the post opened – of when I posted all my writing, aside to appreciate the admin for their work so that we can see new things here with all the advantages and disadvantages.

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