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The Dude's Wacky Tongue

Sharing a photo of the Dude playing around in the screen room a few days ago. He had his tongue out for some reason. I snapped  a photo and thought it as a little wacky.

I never know what my cats will do, so I always have a camera with me. Such entertainment my two cats are. 

Brendel will diss the Dude all the time. He will lay on his back, she will walk right up next to him, and he meows and talks to her, but she keeps walking. She will barely touch him but then run off. 

Sometimes the race is on after that and then other times Brendel will run and hide. Then get him when he comes by. So many stories to tell.

Today’s Wacky Wednesday challenge is where this one will be shared.

Photo ©CarolDM

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  1. That is so cute Dude sticking on the tongue. My Sophie entertains me all the time and she does not know she does it. I love to see where she is going to lay her head all the time. She has a new spot in our bedroom and she is so so adorable.

  2. Well hello Mr Dude. I just hope you are not sticking your tongue at me… what a silly cat you are though as twisted like that on the porch… You still make a pretty picture. Say hi to Brendel for me Mr Dude…


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